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      picture with flag                           Duties of the Office of the Probate Judge

The Probate Judge has many judicial duties as well as numerous administrative duties. The Probate Judge hears cases that include but are not limited to wills and the administration of estates, adoptions, legitimations, guardianships, conservatorships, involuntary mental commitments, eminent domain, change of name, certain election contest, and certain cases dealing with municipalities.

The Probate Judge’s office is also responsible for many administrative duties which include: the recording of instruments (such as deeds and mortgages), maintaining records, accepting applications for passports, and the issuing of licenses (such as driver’s license renewal, boat license, business license, hunting and fishing license, and marriage license). The Probate Judge also has the authority to administer oaths and to solemnize marriages. As the Chief Election Official of the county, the Probate Judge is responsible for many duties in the election process. Blount County is one of a few Alabama counties where the Probate Judge also serves as the County Commission Chairman.